Friday, 28 November 2008

Salute Indian police AND ARMY COMMANDOS

India can be proud of its brave defenders of freedom and democracy.
The Jihadi gangs may seem to win some battles, but not the war.
The world's largest democracy, India, which unites so many faiths and cultures, is a beacon to the rest of the world.

COPS DIE FIGHTING TERROR Vijay Salaskar(L) Ashok Kamte(R) nd Hemant Karkare(C).

3 of the 14 brave Indian police murdered by fanatical Jihadi gangsters in Mumbai on Wednesday, 11-26-08.

Along with over 150 other victims, including 5 Jewish people singled out in the Chabad Lubavitch Center and Synagogue, in South Mumbai - which shows the consistent anti-semitic ideology of such JIhadi gangs.

The infant son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, was saved.

We can see which Muslims really stand for humanity and freedom by their reaction to this atrocity.
Those who confront Jihadi ideology and atrocities, where-ever they occur, are true allies of the rest of humanity.
Those who deny that any Muslims commit atrocities, or that Muslims have any responsibility to repudiate and resist such gangs in their midst, even tho' such Jihadis claim to act in the name of Islam, are also our common enemy.
It is that simple.
The first victims of Jihadi gangs are often fellow Muslims, as in the Casablance and Bali bombings, the Amman Hotel massacre, the murders of President Anwar Sadat and Benazir Bhutto.
We have a COMMON enemy and all those who choose to deny that reality thereby make themselves allies of the Jihadis, and also enemies.
The Jihadi Sharks always need a tolerant Sea in which to prey on their innocent victims.
The time for denial or ambiguity or excuses is over.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

When is Prejudice not prejudice ?

Senator Barack Hussein Obama got 96% of the African-American vote, and his election is greeted with ecstatic outpourings from so many in that community. Rev Jesse Jackson is shown on TV in tears - of joy [ unless he is reflecting that it could, and should , have been himself who was the first African-American US President ].

Even tho outstanding people from that same community have been twice Secretary of State in recent years [and in Republican administrations ], Dr Condi Rice and Gen Colin Powell, and one of them [ Powell ] was also Chair of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, the ancient memory of slavery is still being dredged up - by many in that community.
Obama only got 44% of the white vote.
And the African-Americans [a] have registered to vote in unprecedented numbers, [b] have turned out to vote in similarly unprecedented numbers, and [c] have voted for the Democratic Presidential candidate in similar manner.

To vote AGAINST Senator Hilary Clinton only BECAUSE she is a woman, would clearly be sexist.
But is it not equally sexist to vote FOR her only or mainly because she is a woman ?

And to vote against Obama BECAUSE he is black would be clearly racist.
So why is it not equally racist to vote FOR him only or mainly because he is black ?
Or to register, or turnout to vote, only because there is a black candidate ?

And why is not equally ageist to vote against John McCain mainly because he is 72 ?

It is not the decisive ending of prejudice and discrimination that is being celebrated when his own color was itself clearly a significant factor in Obama's clear victory.

A color-blind world, or election, is one where color no longer is a factor - either FOR or against, any person or candidate.
Color is indeed relevant if a medical scientist is researching whether skin-color is associated with eg some forms of skin cancers, but not in elections, or employment.

It was precisely as another **person of color** [a very odd phrase since my own pink skin is also a color ] that Oprah vigorously campaigned for Obama. To exclude black citizens eg from a jury, is naked and unjustifiable racial discrimination, but to prefer them, on the basis of color, is no different. Yet Bill Clinton was attacked during the Democratic primaries, when he made the simple observation, now verified by the election rsults, that Obama's color was aiding his campaign.

Racism is evil in itself, not just when it is white racism. Obama's victory is not a victory of a **post-racial** society, but another sad reminder that racism is now again acceptable - provided it now comes as preference for black skin-color.
Real progress ?
Or just rank hypocrisy ?
Like the hypocrisy of an Obama campaign which relies on massive funding, both in the Democratic Primaries, and in the General Election, ignores Obama's earlier commitment to public funding and consequent limitations on spending, is supported by multi-billionare financiers like George Soros and Warren Buffet, and Hollywood millions, and yet proclaims Obama as the Messiah for the ordinary American.

This is a new era, but NOT a wonderful and inspiring new beginning, but the institutionalizing of racism, which, being unchallenged and celebrated, is all the more sinister and entrenched. Black, or white, are not beautiful, but merely skin-colors. Commitment to noble purposes, competence, and character, are what is truly beautiful, and also color-blind. It looks like a very long journey before a genuinely color-blind America can rightly inspire the world.

Racism is a two-way street, and Tribalism is not confined to Rwanda, or Kosovo.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

How a tied election scenario may yet be possible ..

tied election scenario, originally uploaded by angel.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Which is the more balanced, diverse and experienced ticket ?

Lets look at 5 comparisons.

1. The McCain-Palin ticket offers 66 years of public service experience, against 46 years from Obama-Biden, BUT 39 of those are in only ONE organ, the US Senate.
Insiders ?

2. Obama-Biden offers NO executive experience whatsoever - at any level.

3. McCain, as a Navy Commander, was XO and then CO of a US Navy Squadron, after his release from Vietnam, while most of Palin's experience, 9 years, has been executive - at City, quasi-judicial [ Alaska Oil and Gas Commissiom ] and at State Governor levels.

4. McCain has 53 years public service [ 27 in uniform and 26 elected ] which is 6 years longer than Obama has been alive.

5. McCain has 26 years elected at Federal level, [ plus Senate involvement as a Navy Capt while serving as US Navy liaison ] but Obama has only 4 years at that level.

Any doubt which ticket is the more diverse, balanced as well as experienced one ?
And which is the narrow, conventional, insider ticket ?

But even more crucial to my mind is that Palin and McCain always talk of VICTORY in Iraq [ over Jihadi beheaders and mosque-bombers ], but Obama talks of WITHDRAWL [be it with or without victory ].
Imagine FDR in June, 1944, as brave Americans liberated Nazi-occupied Europe, talking of withdrawl, instead of victory - Obama and the rest of his neo-Dem ilk, betray the honorable past of their own Democratic Party, as well as the long and ongoing record of US freedom-fighters, and the brave peoples of Iraq.
Can Obama naively imagine that if the Jihadis are allowed to win, and the Tigris River runs red with innocent Iraqi blood, like Cambodia was when the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975, and made TUOL SLENG their Auschwitz, that this is tolerable, or even that the Jihadis will stop there ?
Or does he really care ?
Or will Obama be smugly satisfied just as long as innocent Iraqi blood will never pollute San Francisco Bay, or the Hudson ?
Can HIS America really be The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave ?
Did he ever learn that, from the Tigris to the Hudson, we are Free only because of the Brave ?

Friday, 12 September 2008

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, originally uploaded by Larsenphotography.

Palin - reason to grin - but going to win ??

PalinVP3, originally uploaded by captainleadbottom.

With Alaska Army National Guard Kuwait July 2007

Sarah Louise Palin, 44, Governor of Alaska, and the Commander-in-Chief of
[a] the Alaskan Air National Guard,
[b] the Alaskan Army National Guard, and
[c] the ASDF - the Alaskan State Defence Force.

And mother of Private Track Palin, 1Stryker Bde, 25 Infantry Division, now deploying to Iraq.


What is TAMCEL ?

TAMCEL is the new acronym I have now coined to refer to the clique whose fury against the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, daily reaches new levels of vitriolic outrage, and personal attacks.

TAMCEL = trendy, academic, media, cultural elite.

The perfect example of this TAMCEL mentality is Obama himself, when, speaking in San Francisco to some of his very wealthy funders, he sneered at those poor folk in **small towns** who are **bitter** and **cling to their guns and their religion**.

David Brooks in the Internation Herald Tribune Wed Sept 10, 2008, p 13, mentioned **comedian** Bill Maher refering to Sarah as **a stewardess**, and Brooks placed Maher among what he called **the Coastal Condescenders** - a useful and timely reminder that the arrogant POKEDS
[ Pelosi-Obama-Kerry-Edwards-Dean-Soros ] neo-Democrats are guaranteed to lose yet again if they continue to confine their values to the narrow coastal belt, on both oceans. That very thin Blue strip is ideologically and culturally virtually part of Greater Canada, in contrast to the Red heartland of Inner America [Greater Texas ], where this Presidential Election will again be lost - by the neo-Dems.

That condescending mentality, and its takeover within the Democratic Party, is the reason why Reagan, a former Trade Union President, became a Republican, and won [and retained ] the support of the Reagan Democrats, and the reason why Joe Lieberman was re-elected as an Independent to the Senate, and why he now strongly supports McCain-Palin. The rather thinly-veiled contempt of POKEDS neo-Dems, and above all of Obama himself, for the historic blue-collar base of the Democrats, and especially for their values, is noticed by those like the **Fire-fighters for Lieberman** whose yellow placards surrounded Joe on the night of his re-election. The funding of his multi-millionaire official Democratic opponent, Ned Lamont, by multi-billionaire George Soros, was to no avail. And the funds and celebrities of Hollywood, like Susan Sarandon, or the incredibly biased media, like CNN or CBS, and above all the NY Times, will again be of little avail - against solid American [ and indeed universally valid ] values.

It is significant that the very same kind of contempt was revealed by Senator John Forbes Kerry [1943-] in his sneering remarks, Oct 30, 2006, Pasadena City College, CA, when supporting former CA State Treasurer Phil Nicholas Angelides [1953-] for CA Governor, who was later massively defeated by Arnie. Kerry remarked that **You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard, and do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well.
If you dont, you get stuck in Iraq**.
In fact, only 13.7% of US Army recruits in 2005 were from the 20% poorest neighborhoods.

And Obama is not original in his sneer about folk **clinging to guns and religion**, as KARL MARX wrote of religion as **the opium of the people**. The many dubious influences on Obama do not begin with Rev Jeremiah **Not God Bless but God Damn America** Wright, or convicted fraudster, Syrian-born Tony Rezko, or the Chicago guru of ** community organizing** agitation, Saul David Alinsky [ author of **Rules for Radicals** ].

POKEDS preach non-stop about their sacred mantra, of Diversity, Pluralism, Tolerance, but that extends only to those who are within their Inner Circle, or are chosen to be patronized by their support, like LGBTG folk, but never to those they deem to be inferior Rednecks. And although **the Democratic Party has almost cornered the market on the beautiful people and the hipsters**, with relentless Convention **hype about America's misery**, they have gradually cast the old Democratic Party into, as Jonah Goldberg [ **Liberal Fascism**] put it in USA Today on Wed Sept 10, 2009, **the party for the losers in society**, while leaving the Republicans to exude Reaganite optimism, celebrate the prosperity that comes from open global markets, and aim their message at Winners - winning also in victory over Jihadi beheaders in Iraq as well as standing for upward socio-economic mobility at home. Yet for Michelle Obama, the troops are now desparately in need of **mental health care**, but for the GOP, they are heroes in pursuit of victory. The neo-Dems have **lost their Rooseveltian optimism, to the point where they're the Downer Party**.

Enough Democrats will follow Joe Lieberman to send a very clear message to TAMCEL and POKEDS this November. And very much thanks to the ill-concealed contempt by the left-liberal elite for ordinary decent Americans, and their values. America, to its own people as well as to the wider world, stands for winning and optimism, not for victimhood and complaint, or else it means nothing at all. This is the deepest **pro-life** spirit which the energetic, warm, and confident Palin oozes, and which the hero McCain embodies. No contest.
And as a proud Irishman, I am delighed that John McCain's VP will be Irish, for Sarah is a daughter of Sally SHEERAN, and her late uncle was Col Patrick Sheeran, a Texas lawyer.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The real Obama .. and the real enemy

Will the REAL Senator BHO please stand up ?
The odd connexions of Senator Barack Hussein Obama do not end with Rev Jeremiah **God Damn America** Wright, whose Chicago Holy Trinity church Obama has now chosen to [very publicly ] announce he would leave.
The political commentator, blogger and lawyer, Debbie Schlussel exclusively exposed several very disturbing links with the sinster, racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, and its leader, Louis Farrakhan.
See her Jan 30, 2008 story on her blog at

A key slot in Obama's Chicago Senate Office, that of Director of Constituency Services, is held by a woman who was one of only 3 or 4 staffers in his office when he was first elected - to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, for the 13th District on Chicago's South Side. That area included Hyde Park where Farrakhan had his mansion, and where he yields very significant, perhaps dominant local influence. She is Jennifer Mason and was and remains, a member of NOI. Jennifer is also in charge of selecting Interns placed in Obama's Senate office.

A second significant placement was that of Cynthia K. Miller, another NOI member, who was Treasurer for Obama's Senate Campaign, and a paid consultant for him in 2003-2004. She is now in real estate. Cynthia, even more significantly, was the second NOI member in the tiny original staff of Obama when elected in 1996 - which made 2 out of 3 or 4 staffers who were NOI members at the very start of his elected career.

Mere coincidence ? Did he not know ? Or care ? Or even secretly sympathise with NOI ?

Wright visited Libya in 1984 with Farrakhan - when Obama was already 23. But poor Obama, this Columbia graduate who majored in Political Science, and this Harvard law graduate with a J.D. magna cum laude, nevertheless never knew anything untoward about Wright until recently - even if Jeremiah had married him and Michelle, baptized their children, blessed their home, was his proclaimed counsellor and friend, and was due to appear at the campaign launch - until pulled at the very last minute. Does Obama think we are all fools ?

A third link is Rev Willie Barrow who is on Obama's Faith Outreach Team, but she is also a very close and long-standing friend and collaborator of Farrakhan, and a Democratic Super-delegate pledged to Obama. And in 1985 was quoted in Washington Post article as saying: **I love my brother, Minister Louis Farrakhan**, who has returned the love by quoting her in his **sermons**. She also was one of 6 sponsors of the €40 annual banquet from 2.30 PM on Oct 20, 2002, held at Three Happiness Cafe, 2130 S. Wentworth, Chicago, by the weekly paper of the US Communist Party, Peoples Weekly World-Nuestro Mundo, along with Communist Party Organiser for Illinois District, John Bachtell who also was banquet chair. See story. Willie was also on the DNC - Democratic National Committee, and noted there as a strong PLO suppporter.

A fourth link was a NOI activist, a former bodyguard of Farrakhan, Shakir Muhammad, who was also an Obama worker, and paid by him as a photographer.

And the Federal criminal indictee, the notorious Tony Rezko, a Syrian Arab, who was also involved in the purchase of Obama's home, was a business partner of Jabir, the son of the NOI founder, Elijah Muhammad.

What an interesting web of .... links ... for this very inexperienced Illinois Senator [ elected to the US Senate only in Nov, 2004 ] who also happens to have had both a Muslim father from Kenya, Barack Obama, and a Muslim step-father from Indonesia, Lolo Soetoro.
But Obama NOW decides to distance himself publicly from Farrakhan, as he has from Wright, but why only now ?
That is the real question.
Only when the heat became too uncomfortable ?

BHO also suddenly and publicly professes some concern for Israel, a brave and remarkable people and a tiny, democratic, UN-mandated state which, after 60 years, is still threatened with extermination by ruthless, genocidal forces in their neighborhood, not least by Ahmadinejad with his existing missile arsenal, and growing Nuclear capability, but BHO wants to have unconditional meetings with Ahmadinejad, if elected - as well as **end the war in Iraq**.

In 1945, a Democrat, the 33rd President, Harry S. Truman, ended the war against fascism - but by winning it, not by running away. As in 1918, another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President, ended WW I - again by winning it against the triple aggressors of the German Kaiser, the Austrian Emperor and the Ottoman Turkish Sultan, not by unconditional surrender. In 1952, in Korea, the US ended that war - again by winning it - defeating the North Korean attempt to conquer the South. In 1962, the Soviet dictator, Khrushchev, withdrew his Nuclear missiles from Castro's Cuban tyranny, only when successfully confronted by a Democrat, the 35th US President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy [ like John McCain, a decorated US Navy veteran]. In 1989, the Berlin Wall was breached, and with it the Red Kremlin Empire lost the Cold War - because the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, had confronted and defeated the global enemy of freedom and democracy. And the 1991 Gulf War was ended - by the US and Allies winning, and liberating Kuwait from the invading forces of Saddam. But with Obama, the US will end the war in Iraq - by running away. That **strategy** will always guarantee sure results - no peace and no victory.
And will also guarantee that Ahmadinejad will develop his Nuclear weapons without hesitation.
And he who denies the Shoah, will be tempted to use them - for a Second Shoah.

Some leader this BHO. The Audacity of Arrogance.
But is he merely naive - or with whom does he really sympathise ?
Michelle declared she was never proud of America until BHO entered the Presidential campaign.

But the solid core of Democrat voters will not be fooled - as many are already stating, they will unhesitatingly cross over and suppprt McCain. The crucial image is that of Joe Lieberman's election against the Soros-funded, official Democrat mutli-millionaire, Ned Lamont, with Joe surrounded by placards proudly proclaiming: **Fire-fighters for Lieberman**. There wont be many Fire-fighters for BHO, and Hollywood millions, or Oprah, cannot compensate for losing the core Democrat base. Or alienating millions of women voters.
Bet on McCain - while you can still get good odds.

The Senate victory in Virginia of Jim Webb, a Reagan Navy Secretary but now a Democrat, shows the only kind of Democrat who will ever be trusted - those who stand with Lieberman and the best traditions of their own past, commited to freedom, its vigorous defence, and principled growth, not to craven appeasement. Those core Democrats will solidly turn to John McCain in November, as many did to Reagan before. And for the same kind of reasons.

And never forget that simple but vital question - who do the greatest enemies of everything the US, and indeed the entire democratic world, stand for, want to win ?
Is there any doubt about that ?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hatikva / Espoir / hope / התקוה

**The hope of two thousand years
To be a free nation in our land**

And why should only the speakers of Hebrew be denied either -
that basic and universal hope ?
Or their re-birth as a vibrant and creative people in their one and only historic homeland ?
Or its enjoyment in peace and security ?
Or within secure and recognized boundaries ?

Saturday, 17 May 2008

John McCain - tested and not found wanting.

John McCain, originally uploaded by buck82.

After 6 years on Hoa Loa Prison, he can handle 4 in the White House.

John McCain and My Dad,

The real ex-USN Capt John S. McCain, and the POW who refused early release from his North Vietnamese Communist torturers unless all those captured after him were also released. A bit different from having Rev Jeremiah **God Damn America** as your self-confessed friend, pastor and counsellor. There may be a lot more than skin-color, or years, that separates John and Obama. What price character and courage ? And who does Hamas or Hizb-ALLAH prefer ?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Watch out

180livnifrance061206reu, originally uploaded by Tzipi Livni.

Tzipi was not only a Lt in the IDF but then served 4 years in Mossad. She might like to try out her Krav Maga in a spot of un-armed combat, so do be careful. Be very very careful. I know you like taller women, but this one wont come armed with only a guitar.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Is there a Soul-Mate - for Every-One?

Hope so - but no guarantee when.
But, as WW I Chaplain **Woodbine Willy** put it -
**The grey clouds are lies. They cannot last. The blue sky is the truth**.

And 2 questions cannot, of themselves, make an answer. There remain questions to which no soul-mate can ever be a substitute for a personal answer, and some where mystery never disappears.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Monday, 14 April 2008

Daphna Ziman

Daphna Edwards Ziman is an Israeli-born, LA producer [ Edwards Entertainment Intl ], philanthropist and founder and volunteer Chair of CUN [ Children Uniting Nations ] which recruits caring adults as mentors for inner-city children-at-risk. She found that the virulent anti-semitic diatribe is not confined to Obama's pastor and close friend of 2 decades, Rev Jeremiah **God damn America** Wright, in Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Another African-American clergyman, Rev Eric P. Lee, who also just happens to be Greater LA CEO/President of SCLC [ Southern Christian Leadership Conference - founded in 1957 by Rev Dr. Martin Luther King ], delivered another such bigoted and racist attack - as keynote speaker at an awards ceremony [by Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity ] which honored Daphna for her work for African-American children. Lee, instead of taking responsibility for reducing the serious crime rates within his own constituency, blamed yes the Jews [the eternal scapegoats ] for the bad image of his own community - **as rapists and murderers**. And blamed Jews for exploiting them - **economically enslaving them** - in the music business.

When slavery was abolished in the USA, and for many decades afterwards, the ancestors of most Amercian Jews were still suffering savage pogroms in many parts of the Tzarist Russian Empire. Their good fortune in the USA today is the result of hard work and talent - over many generations. And the life of Daphna Ziman is one more example of how the Jewish people have never lost their burning sense of social concern and activism. In the USA they do not even vote their pocket- they still vote Democrat to the order of perhaps 80% or more. That social commitment has also been global - with Jewish voices among the loudest in defending the non-Arab people of Darfur in SW Sudan as they face ongoing genocide - perhaps 200,000 massacred todate - and was also expressed in the crucial role of Jewish activists in Trade Unions, and in so many movements for political and social reform. Even if such racist stereotyping were not totally unjustifiable, and also an incitement to hatred, the last category against whom global charges of exploitation could conceivably be levelled would be the Jewish people.

Could Lee's motivation in his attack have been at all colored by his own endorsement of Obama [on the night Lee thanked Jesus for Obama who was going to be the leader of the world, as well as referring to **white supremacy**, and lauding Malcolm X immediately after mentioning Dr King - as if they were not polar opposites ] ? Daphna happens to be a strong and public supporter of Senator Clinton.

Whatever about any such angle, it is seriously disturbing that figures like Wright and Lee are preaching black racism and anti-semitism, as well as spewing hatred for their own country [ Lee, echoing Wright, demeaned being granted freedom in a country which **kills women and children** ]. But perhaps not so surprising when you recall Wright's admiration for the anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan, or Lee's invocation of Malcolm X. It is even more concerning that people with this mentality regard Obama as so worthy of their enthusiastic support - but then he sat silently for 20 years in Wright's church, and never objected to any of the outlandish and indeed outrageous sermons.

No wonder so many Democrats already state they will vote for Senator John S. McCain if faced with Obama as the Democratic nominee this year.

Can anyone seriously doubt that Dr. King would have abandoned his principles and embraced a racist **black power** ideology which is in essence opposed to his commitment to universal human rights, and substitutes racial identity for human solidarity ? The contrast between the PAC [ Pan-African Congress ] in South Africa, with their vile **one settler, one bullet** slogan, and Nelson Mandela, could not have been greater. In both cases, the issue is about equal rights and equal opportunity, not about separation or identity or power, based on color. The land where Dr. Condi Rice is Secretary of State, and was formerly Princeton Provost, and where her Cabinet predecessor was Gen Colin Powell, and formerly Chair of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff, is no land of **white supremacy**, but as with the tyrant Mugabe in Zimbabwe, scapegoats are often useful.

And casting the Jewish people in that role did not begin or end with Hitler.

As the great Greek poet, Constantine Cavafy [1864-1933] reminded us, in his **Waiting for The Barbarians**,

**And some who have just returned from the border say:

there are no barbarians any longer.

And now, what's going to happen to us without barbarians ?

They were, those people, a kind of solution**.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

International Women's Day London 2007

A brave woman of indomitable spirit, abused by uncles as a young girl, and now threatened by Islamicist fanatics, but she willl never surrender. Like Irshad Manji, Wafa Sultan, Ayann Hirsi Ali, and many many more.
But where are all the men ?

Taslima Nasrin

Taslima Nasrin, originally uploaded by WPI _ HKK.

Exiled from her native Bangladesh, since 1994, for her **crime** of speaking freely in her writings. This feminist, 45, who describes herself as a secular humanist, is a newspaper, columnist, poet, novelist and autobiographer, as well as a physician and gynocologist.

Sophie Chiang & Taslima Nasrin

Taslima who spreads and defends her ideas only with her pen, not with a Jihadi sword or bomb.

3 MPs Attack Writer Taslima Nasreen

Freedom is indivisible , and the latest victim of Jihadi thuggery is Taslima Nasreen, 45, a doctor and writer, several of whose books were banned in her native Bangla Desh and is now forced to leave India due to lack of Government protection from threats. The Communist regime in West Bengal, where she had sought refuge, also banned a work of hers. Her health has suffered and she is now in exile in Europe. Another brave woman, like Benazir Bhutto.

Thursday, 27 March 2008

No words needed

_MG_9700, originally uploaded by greekadman.

More Un-for-get-table Greek eyes

_MG_9686, originally uploaded by greekadman.

Greek .. and gorgeous

_MG_9612, originally uploaded by greekadman.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Sarkozy Jacques Martin et une certaine Cécilia.jpg

Tempora mutant, et nos mutamur illis.

But how awkward that family photographs do not decay as quickly [ or cannot be as easily dissolved ] as family bonds ..


ISLAMICMAP, originally uploaded by paolo della sala.

Not much sign of **diversity** or **inclusiveness** or **pluralism** or **multi-culturalism** or **intur-culturalism** here.

But just as Herr Hitler in 1925-6 openly provided his manifeto, **Mein Kampf** [and Kampf can translate **Jihad** ] , 13 years before he launched World War II, and his genocidal Holocaust, but nonetheless was not recognised as a serious threat at the time, we have been warned. This is about violent conquest, not just voluntary conversion. And decent democratic Muslims, like all other democrats, have to choose. To remain silent is also a choice - it leaves the field to the most ruthless.
Who dares, wins.