Sunday, 14 September 2008

Which is the more balanced, diverse and experienced ticket ?

Lets look at 5 comparisons.

1. The McCain-Palin ticket offers 66 years of public service experience, against 46 years from Obama-Biden, BUT 39 of those are in only ONE organ, the US Senate.
Insiders ?

2. Obama-Biden offers NO executive experience whatsoever - at any level.

3. McCain, as a Navy Commander, was XO and then CO of a US Navy Squadron, after his release from Vietnam, while most of Palin's experience, 9 years, has been executive - at City, quasi-judicial [ Alaska Oil and Gas Commissiom ] and at State Governor levels.

4. McCain has 53 years public service [ 27 in uniform and 26 elected ] which is 6 years longer than Obama has been alive.

5. McCain has 26 years elected at Federal level, [ plus Senate involvement as a Navy Capt while serving as US Navy liaison ] but Obama has only 4 years at that level.

Any doubt which ticket is the more diverse, balanced as well as experienced one ?
And which is the narrow, conventional, insider ticket ?

But even more crucial to my mind is that Palin and McCain always talk of VICTORY in Iraq [ over Jihadi beheaders and mosque-bombers ], but Obama talks of WITHDRAWL [be it with or without victory ].
Imagine FDR in June, 1944, as brave Americans liberated Nazi-occupied Europe, talking of withdrawl, instead of victory - Obama and the rest of his neo-Dem ilk, betray the honorable past of their own Democratic Party, as well as the long and ongoing record of US freedom-fighters, and the brave peoples of Iraq.
Can Obama naively imagine that if the Jihadis are allowed to win, and the Tigris River runs red with innocent Iraqi blood, like Cambodia was when the Khmer Rouge took over in 1975, and made TUOL SLENG their Auschwitz, that this is tolerable, or even that the Jihadis will stop there ?
Or does he really care ?
Or will Obama be smugly satisfied just as long as innocent Iraqi blood will never pollute San Francisco Bay, or the Hudson ?
Can HIS America really be The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave ?
Did he ever learn that, from the Tigris to the Hudson, we are Free only because of the Brave ?

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