Friday, 12 September 2008


What is TAMCEL ?

TAMCEL is the new acronym I have now coined to refer to the clique whose fury against the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, daily reaches new levels of vitriolic outrage, and personal attacks.

TAMCEL = trendy, academic, media, cultural elite.

The perfect example of this TAMCEL mentality is Obama himself, when, speaking in San Francisco to some of his very wealthy funders, he sneered at those poor folk in **small towns** who are **bitter** and **cling to their guns and their religion**.

David Brooks in the Internation Herald Tribune Wed Sept 10, 2008, p 13, mentioned **comedian** Bill Maher refering to Sarah as **a stewardess**, and Brooks placed Maher among what he called **the Coastal Condescenders** - a useful and timely reminder that the arrogant POKEDS
[ Pelosi-Obama-Kerry-Edwards-Dean-Soros ] neo-Democrats are guaranteed to lose yet again if they continue to confine their values to the narrow coastal belt, on both oceans. That very thin Blue strip is ideologically and culturally virtually part of Greater Canada, in contrast to the Red heartland of Inner America [Greater Texas ], where this Presidential Election will again be lost - by the neo-Dems.

That condescending mentality, and its takeover within the Democratic Party, is the reason why Reagan, a former Trade Union President, became a Republican, and won [and retained ] the support of the Reagan Democrats, and the reason why Joe Lieberman was re-elected as an Independent to the Senate, and why he now strongly supports McCain-Palin. The rather thinly-veiled contempt of POKEDS neo-Dems, and above all of Obama himself, for the historic blue-collar base of the Democrats, and especially for their values, is noticed by those like the **Fire-fighters for Lieberman** whose yellow placards surrounded Joe on the night of his re-election. The funding of his multi-millionaire official Democratic opponent, Ned Lamont, by multi-billionaire George Soros, was to no avail. And the funds and celebrities of Hollywood, like Susan Sarandon, or the incredibly biased media, like CNN or CBS, and above all the NY Times, will again be of little avail - against solid American [ and indeed universally valid ] values.

It is significant that the very same kind of contempt was revealed by Senator John Forbes Kerry [1943-] in his sneering remarks, Oct 30, 2006, Pasadena City College, CA, when supporting former CA State Treasurer Phil Nicholas Angelides [1953-] for CA Governor, who was later massively defeated by Arnie. Kerry remarked that **You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard, and do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well.
If you dont, you get stuck in Iraq**.
In fact, only 13.7% of US Army recruits in 2005 were from the 20% poorest neighborhoods.

And Obama is not original in his sneer about folk **clinging to guns and religion**, as KARL MARX wrote of religion as **the opium of the people**. The many dubious influences on Obama do not begin with Rev Jeremiah **Not God Bless but God Damn America** Wright, or convicted fraudster, Syrian-born Tony Rezko, or the Chicago guru of ** community organizing** agitation, Saul David Alinsky [ author of **Rules for Radicals** ].

POKEDS preach non-stop about their sacred mantra, of Diversity, Pluralism, Tolerance, but that extends only to those who are within their Inner Circle, or are chosen to be patronized by their support, like LGBTG folk, but never to those they deem to be inferior Rednecks. And although **the Democratic Party has almost cornered the market on the beautiful people and the hipsters**, with relentless Convention **hype about America's misery**, they have gradually cast the old Democratic Party into, as Jonah Goldberg [ **Liberal Fascism**] put it in USA Today on Wed Sept 10, 2009, **the party for the losers in society**, while leaving the Republicans to exude Reaganite optimism, celebrate the prosperity that comes from open global markets, and aim their message at Winners - winning also in victory over Jihadi beheaders in Iraq as well as standing for upward socio-economic mobility at home. Yet for Michelle Obama, the troops are now desparately in need of **mental health care**, but for the GOP, they are heroes in pursuit of victory. The neo-Dems have **lost their Rooseveltian optimism, to the point where they're the Downer Party**.

Enough Democrats will follow Joe Lieberman to send a very clear message to TAMCEL and POKEDS this November. And very much thanks to the ill-concealed contempt by the left-liberal elite for ordinary decent Americans, and their values. America, to its own people as well as to the wider world, stands for winning and optimism, not for victimhood and complaint, or else it means nothing at all. This is the deepest **pro-life** spirit which the energetic, warm, and confident Palin oozes, and which the hero McCain embodies. No contest.
And as a proud Irishman, I am delighed that John McCain's VP will be Irish, for Sarah is a daughter of Sally SHEERAN, and her late uncle was Col Patrick Sheeran, a Texas lawyer.


S.R. Piccoli said...

I think you are right, Tom (and also a good prophet).

S.R. Piccoli said...

I think you are right--and also a good prophet.