Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Adams RAFIA now have power - in their 32-parish *Provo Mini-Republics*, but with a SILENCED 9mm GLOCK Pistol in the one hand, and a Ballot-Box in the other.

What are ADAMs Provo IRA still for ?

They stopped Maiming and Murdering Police and troops.

Is it now ONLY for M-3 = Memorials + Memoirs + Memorabilia ?

OR M-7 = ALSO for -

Maiming [ they continued *punishment shootings*  - who shot McGuigan before he was finally murdered ? ]

Murder - at least 45 POST-Ceasefire murders, identified by veteran Journalist Jim Cusack

Menaces  -intimidating their own tribal territories, and

MONEY - their € 200 m Global Property Empire  [ Garda estimate ] + cash + front firms [  how many pubs ? ], both North and South.

Not a 32-County Republic but their very own Un-Touchable 32-parish Provo Mini-Republics  -from Short Strand to Ballybinaby, from Ballymurphy to Bogside.

And they seized  - and retain - power in those 32 Zones, their 32-parish Provo Mini-Republics,  - not exactly as PIRA-SF top  PR Guru, Danny Morrison said in 1981 at the Provo *Sinn Fein* Ard Fheis conference in Dublin - *with a Ballot-Box in the one hand, and an Armalite in the other*, but now with their SILENCED 9mm GLOCK Pistols in the other [ bought POST-Ceasefire in 1999 by the Provo IRA *FLORIDA FOUR*, led by West Belfast Provo CONOR CLAXTON, reporting to Sean SPIKE MURRAY in Belfast ].

But the Adams RAFIA, unlike the original Mafia in Sicily, are guaranteed Cabinet Seats in Stormont  - La Cosa Nostra still have to bribe and/or intimidate their bent politicians. The Irish RAFIA get their very own  into power. No Proxy Provos, but The Real Thing. As Adams said in 1995 at a  Belfast street rally, and telling the truth - for once -  THEY have never gone away.

Stephen Collins: McGuigan East Belfast murder raises questions about 1916 Rising commemorations

Stephen Collins: McGuigan killing raises questions about Rising commemorations

Ex-Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell: Tota Disbanding by Provisional IRA was worse option

Michael McDowell: Abolition of Provisional IRA was never on the cards

Provo IRA was allowed by BOTH UK & Irish Govts, to continue as ‘inert, unarmed husk’, McDowell claims

IRA was allowed continue as ‘unarmed husk’, McDowell claims

RAFIA =€ 200 M Global Property Empire+cash+firms. Guns follow cash. Provisional IRA may have left stage, but not theatre

Provisional IRA may have left stage, but not theatre

Thursday, 20 August 2015

They havent gone away, we know.

In 2015 as in  1970, and every year in-between, Provo IRA only kill ON ORDERS.

Nothing is more certain on the Island of Ireland  - except their lies.

Sinister RTE TV News cover-up

Is the Irish national, state-owned *Public Service* broadcaster, RTE now a wholly-owned tool of the Provos ?

Tonight their  flagship 9 PM News  [ presented by Eileen Dunne ] had not one word about the dramatic breaking news from Belfast - covered over 2 hours earlier by BBC 1 NI TV 6.30 PM Newsline - that Police in Belfast say that Provo IRA CURRENT MEMBERS were involved in the recent murder in Short Strand of Kevin McGuigan.

Sky News is now [ 11 PM ] leading on the possible collapse of the Stormont Executive as a diret result of Provo IRA involvement in this murder.

RTE News  could however find loads of time to cover some new musical on 1916.

This is not sloppy. Or lack of resources. Or poor judgment

This is simply sinister.

And not for the first time has the RTE News  been tools of the Provos.

They clearly can no longer be trusted. The mask has really slipped.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Corbyn values ?

But Jeremy CORBYN is so so *sincere*.

And so so *straight-talking*.

And so so *principled*.

And so so *consistent* and *unwavering*.

Really ?

This Comrade, like both Comrade George Galloway and Comrade Ken Livingstone, choose to present  a show on the  Iran state propaganda channel, Press TV   - while Iran still hangs Gays from cranes.

Enough said.

Any tyrant or terrorist will do - if only they are sufficiently *radical* and/or *anti-imperialist* and/or *anti-capitalist*.
The  only *war-criminal* is Tomy Blair   - but never Assad or Kim or Saddam or Awlaki or Bin Ladin.