Thursday, 17 January 2008

Sarkozy Jacques Martin et une certaine Cécilia.jpg

Tempora mutant, et nos mutamur illis.

But how awkward that family photographs do not decay as quickly [ or cannot be as easily dissolved ] as family bonds ..


ISLAMICMAP, originally uploaded by paolo della sala.

Not much sign of **diversity** or **inclusiveness** or **pluralism** or **multi-culturalism** or **intur-culturalism** here.

But just as Herr Hitler in 1925-6 openly provided his manifeto, **Mein Kampf** [and Kampf can translate **Jihad** ] , 13 years before he launched World War II, and his genocidal Holocaust, but nonetheless was not recognised as a serious threat at the time, we have been warned. This is about violent conquest, not just voluntary conversion. And decent democratic Muslims, like all other democrats, have to choose. To remain silent is also a choice - it leaves the field to the most ruthless.
Who dares, wins.