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No doubt about it - Scientists Find Drinking Wine Is Better Than Going To The Gym!

Scientists Find Drinking Wine Is Better Than Going To The Gym!

Galvin= top Provo IRA fundraiser in USA for their long terror campaign. A Parade of Troubles by Matthew Hennessey, City Journal 15 January 2015

A Parade of Troubles by Matthew Hennessey, City Journal 15 January 2015

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo - We reject Jihadist OBJECTIVES [ and not only their savage methods ]

Paris [ Socialist Party ] Mayor Anne Hidalgo speaking today in Paris City Hall at her meeting  with US   [ Democrat ] Secretary of State John Kerry, says Paris rejects the OBJECTIVES of the Jihadist terrorists,  and she emphasises Paris as the city where Jews fleeing from Pogroms found refuge - part of what Paris is.
Part of their republicans values.

Anne is right to stress that this is not only about an attack on Freedom of Speech, or murder of 3 police officers,  but equally about murderous  Anti-Semitism [ with 6 of 17 murdered being Jewish ],  and she  explicitly rejects not merely the savage METHODS but also the OBJECTIVES of the Jihadi gangs.

Well said, Anne Hidalgo. Also the first woman to hold that key post in France.

Anne is no DHIMMI.

 She is neither naive nor another gutless appeaser.

And Anne does not betray the brave, decent Muslims in her city who not only support Liberte, but risk their life and limb to defend it  - for everybody - like

 [a] *Police National* officer Ahmed Merebat, 42, murdered by the 2 Kouachi Brothers after their massacre of another Paris policeman  [ Franck Brinsolaro, 49, on Protection Duty with the murdered Charlie Hebdo Editor, Stephane Charbonnier, 47 ], as well as 11 civilians [ including 2 Jews ] at Charlie Hebdo magazine, or

 [b] the Kosher Supermarket worker, Lassana Bouthily, 22, from Mali, as was  the Jihadist murderer Coulibaly, from whom he saved 6 Jews in the Kosher Supermarket in Eastern Paris [ Coulibaly was the savage who had also murdered Guadeloupe-born policewoman Clarissa Jeanne Philippe in an earlier attack ]. Lassana will rightly now receive the French Citizenship for which he had applied some months ago, on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2015, following an intervention by Pres Hollande.

The key buried truth - from Cairo August 1990

One key short, 6  [ A4 ] page  document had been buried -  in the West - it dates from August 1990.

It is very official as it was signed in Cairo by the Foreign Ministers of the 57-State OIC [ Organization of the Islamic Conference ].

OIC represents States with about 1,400 Million people, the vast majority being Muslim [ 85-90% of them Sunni ].

Overall there are at least an estimated 1,625 Million Muslim across the world.

It is the *Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam*.

Objective Summary of it ?  NONE.

Literally None.

Just google it to read it in English in full.

Not only Shariah Law but ONLY Shariah is accepted  - but as binding on everybody on earth.

Anything in any existing *human rights* declaration is accepted only if it is already in Shariah Law.

Hence under this key and  the never-withdrawn, indeed never-amended Declaration, the UDHR [ the UN's post WW 2 Universal Declaration on Human Rights ] has no standing whatever for 57 of the 193 UN member States.

Same with the also post-WW 2 ECHR  [ European Convention on Human Rights ] adopted by the   [ pre-EU  ] Council of Europe.

So UDHR Art 19  [ Freedom of Speech ] and the parallel Art 10 in the ECHR [ like the First Amendment to the US Constitution - whereby no law may be passed abridging Freedom of Speech or of the Press ]  have no standing whatsoever for Islam - but no standing for anybody, not just within Muslim Societies or States.

We have been warned.  Some Muslims do  reject all this  - but how many ? And how influential ?

Je Suis ... Another Infidel. ??

For BBC and RTE and NY Times and Sky News and all UK and Irish papers, it is now very very clear -

for them all, unlike Wash Post or all French broadcasters, papers and magazines, it is NOT -



It is now only -

*Je Suis DHIMMI*.

Shame on them all, but their surrender will not save them -
to Jihadi gangs, from Bali to Paris to Gaza to Mumbai, every Kafir is only  - and always -  a Kafir.

Another Infidel, with no rights.

And I will declare - loudly and proudly -


Now and for ever.

Monday, 12 January 2015