Monday, 16 July 2012


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1% of Israeli Jews [ over 6,000 ] were killed in their successful fight to survive in 1947-49 in the face of invasion by all surrounding Arab States, determined to wipe out, at birth, the re-founded sovereign UN-mandated Jewish State of Israel. And only the Czechs sold them arms in their hour of need


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Any un-armed [ or any dis-armed ] democrat soon becomes an enslaved [ former ] democrat


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A most moving and unforgettable place - and open to everyone - to people of any or no faith - since June, 1967, under Israeli rule, but this, the most sacred spot for Jews, was denied to Jews under the previous 3 decades of Arab rule

Power politics swayed Vatican dealings with Nazis

Power politics swayed Vatican dealings with Nazis

Pope fires another bishop - without explanation - Robert Bezak 52 in Slovakia

Pope fires another bishop