Saturday, 4 July 2015

BBC lies by false sanitized description.

The BBC Director-General Hall insist that his BBC must always refer to those inhuman Jihadi  savages by their own chosen title of *Islamic State*.

Otherwise his BBC would be *taking sides*.

And they are *militants*  [ just like train-drivers who suddenly walk off the job in some unofficial dispute ]  - but never as  *terrorists*.

And they are all just *non-state-actors*.

So why does he not also order his BBC to replace *The Holocaust* by *The Final Solution* ?

And since Pedophiles never admit any guilt, and are so so demonized by being always described as such, why not again refuse to *take sides* and call them by their own chosen titles - maybe as *Chronologically-flexible lovers* ?

And Rapists are so so demonized by being always termed as such  - so why not now   [ *non-judgmentally* ]  re-describe their vile crime as simply *Involuntary Sexual Activity* ?

Exact same *logic* in each case.

And yet more proof of how poisoned the BBC now is  -  and from the very top.
 But also how totally selective and inconsistent.

Has Hall never grasped the simple and basic distinction between -

[a] being Neutral, never taking any side,  and

[b] being Impartial  - what Courts do  - making reasonable judgments based only on (i) public, objective principles plus (ii) verified evidence  ?