Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The real Obama .. and the real enemy

Will the REAL Senator BHO please stand up ?
The odd connexions of Senator Barack Hussein Obama do not end with Rev Jeremiah **God Damn America** Wright, whose Chicago Holy Trinity church Obama has now chosen to [very publicly ] announce he would leave.
The political commentator, blogger and lawyer, Debbie Schlussel exclusively exposed several very disturbing links with the sinster, racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, and its leader, Louis Farrakhan.
See her Jan 30, 2008 story on her blog at

A key slot in Obama's Chicago Senate Office, that of Director of Constituency Services, is held by a woman who was one of only 3 or 4 staffers in his office when he was first elected - to the Illinois State Senate in 1996, for the 13th District on Chicago's South Side. That area included Hyde Park where Farrakhan had his mansion, and where he yields very significant, perhaps dominant local influence. She is Jennifer Mason and was and remains, a member of NOI. Jennifer is also in charge of selecting Interns placed in Obama's Senate office.

A second significant placement was that of Cynthia K. Miller, another NOI member, who was Treasurer for Obama's Senate Campaign, and a paid consultant for him in 2003-2004. She is now in real estate. Cynthia, even more significantly, was the second NOI member in the tiny original staff of Obama when elected in 1996 - which made 2 out of 3 or 4 staffers who were NOI members at the very start of his elected career.

Mere coincidence ? Did he not know ? Or care ? Or even secretly sympathise with NOI ?

Wright visited Libya in 1984 with Farrakhan - when Obama was already 23. But poor Obama, this Columbia graduate who majored in Political Science, and this Harvard law graduate with a J.D. magna cum laude, nevertheless never knew anything untoward about Wright until recently - even if Jeremiah had married him and Michelle, baptized their children, blessed their home, was his proclaimed counsellor and friend, and was due to appear at the campaign launch - until pulled at the very last minute. Does Obama think we are all fools ?

A third link is Rev Willie Barrow who is on Obama's Faith Outreach Team, but she is also a very close and long-standing friend and collaborator of Farrakhan, and a Democratic Super-delegate pledged to Obama. And in 1985 was quoted in Washington Post article as saying: **I love my brother, Minister Louis Farrakhan**, who has returned the love by quoting her in his **sermons**. She also was one of 6 sponsors of the €40 annual banquet from 2.30 PM on Oct 20, 2002, held at Three Happiness Cafe, 2130 S. Wentworth, Chicago, by the weekly paper of the US Communist Party, Peoples Weekly World-Nuestro Mundo, along with Communist Party Organiser for Illinois District, John Bachtell who also was banquet chair. See story. Willie was also on the DNC - Democratic National Committee, and noted there as a strong PLO suppporter.

A fourth link was a NOI activist, a former bodyguard of Farrakhan, Shakir Muhammad, who was also an Obama worker, and paid by him as a photographer.

And the Federal criminal indictee, the notorious Tony Rezko, a Syrian Arab, who was also involved in the purchase of Obama's home, was a business partner of Jabir, the son of the NOI founder, Elijah Muhammad.

What an interesting web of .... links ... for this very inexperienced Illinois Senator [ elected to the US Senate only in Nov, 2004 ] who also happens to have had both a Muslim father from Kenya, Barack Obama, and a Muslim step-father from Indonesia, Lolo Soetoro.
But Obama NOW decides to distance himself publicly from Farrakhan, as he has from Wright, but why only now ?
That is the real question.
Only when the heat became too uncomfortable ?

BHO also suddenly and publicly professes some concern for Israel, a brave and remarkable people and a tiny, democratic, UN-mandated state which, after 60 years, is still threatened with extermination by ruthless, genocidal forces in their neighborhood, not least by Ahmadinejad with his existing missile arsenal, and growing Nuclear capability, but BHO wants to have unconditional meetings with Ahmadinejad, if elected - as well as **end the war in Iraq**.

In 1945, a Democrat, the 33rd President, Harry S. Truman, ended the war against fascism - but by winning it, not by running away. As in 1918, another Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President, ended WW I - again by winning it against the triple aggressors of the German Kaiser, the Austrian Emperor and the Ottoman Turkish Sultan, not by unconditional surrender. In 1952, in Korea, the US ended that war - again by winning it - defeating the North Korean attempt to conquer the South. In 1962, the Soviet dictator, Khrushchev, withdrew his Nuclear missiles from Castro's Cuban tyranny, only when successfully confronted by a Democrat, the 35th US President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy [ like John McCain, a decorated US Navy veteran]. In 1989, the Berlin Wall was breached, and with it the Red Kremlin Empire lost the Cold War - because the 40th US President, Ronald Reagan, a former Democrat, had confronted and defeated the global enemy of freedom and democracy. And the 1991 Gulf War was ended - by the US and Allies winning, and liberating Kuwait from the invading forces of Saddam. But with Obama, the US will end the war in Iraq - by running away. That **strategy** will always guarantee sure results - no peace and no victory.
And will also guarantee that Ahmadinejad will develop his Nuclear weapons without hesitation.
And he who denies the Shoah, will be tempted to use them - for a Second Shoah.

Some leader this BHO. The Audacity of Arrogance.
But is he merely naive - or with whom does he really sympathise ?
Michelle declared she was never proud of America until BHO entered the Presidential campaign.

But the solid core of Democrat voters will not be fooled - as many are already stating, they will unhesitatingly cross over and suppprt McCain. The crucial image is that of Joe Lieberman's election against the Soros-funded, official Democrat mutli-millionaire, Ned Lamont, with Joe surrounded by placards proudly proclaiming: **Fire-fighters for Lieberman**. There wont be many Fire-fighters for BHO, and Hollywood millions, or Oprah, cannot compensate for losing the core Democrat base. Or alienating millions of women voters.
Bet on McCain - while you can still get good odds.

The Senate victory in Virginia of Jim Webb, a Reagan Navy Secretary but now a Democrat, shows the only kind of Democrat who will ever be trusted - those who stand with Lieberman and the best traditions of their own past, commited to freedom, its vigorous defence, and principled growth, not to craven appeasement. Those core Democrats will solidly turn to John McCain in November, as many did to Reagan before. And for the same kind of reasons.

And never forget that simple but vital question - who do the greatest enemies of everything the US, and indeed the entire democratic world, stand for, want to win ?
Is there any doubt about that ?