Sunday, 31 May 2015

Not even [ or maybe especially ] by mega-tycoon + mega-bully Denis LOWRY-O'Brien. Our parliament cannot be silenced

Our parliament cannot be silenced

2 Sharp Questions

The amazing revelations in the Dail by the Ind North Kildare TD, Catherine Murphy about Denis LOWRY-O'Brien, and his extraordinary  dealings with Anglo-Irish Bank, raise 2 sharp questions -

[a] did O'Brien  also influence the Sept 29,2008 BANK GUARANTEE, and

[b] if so, WHO was his agent/messenger on that fateful night  ?

And what might ... Cowen's old close pal, and ex-Angl non-executive Director, FINTAN DRURY,  ....  think about all that ?

More on Denis LOWRY-O'Brien. Timeline: the Siteserv controversy

Timeline: the Siteserv controversy