Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Che Guevara's Lamentable Legacy

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Che Guevara's Lamentable Legacy: Che Guevara's Lamentable Legacy By John Suarez “We must say here what is a known truth, which we have always expressed before the w...

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Clonskeagh Mega-Mosque, funded by Dubai ruling tyranny-dynasty & dominated by Muslim Brotherhood the covert Islamist global network again outlawed where they began in 1928, Egypt

The Clonskeagh mosque

The Muslim Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood

The Irish left supports the Halawas

The Irish left supports the Halawas

Adams at 69

Gerry Adams is now 69. He has many permanent monuments  - the 1,771 graves of the people  murdered  by HIS Provo IRA gangs since 1970.  Not to mention the very many  more people  maimed - in body and/or mind by his gangs.

That pile of   [ at least ] 1,771 bodies makes him  [ via HIS Provo IRA gangs ]  over  7 times more lethal than the English serial murderer Dr Harold Frederick Shipman  [ 2 years older than Gerry ] who was also *active* over a similar time period [ 1975 to  1998 ]. Provo IRA were *active* from 1970.

But is that  really a  fair comparison ? After all, even Shipman was somewhat humane and used Morphine while the Provo IRA blasted people to bits with  Gaddafi's Semtex. And the also bearded Shipman was  jailed and hanged himself in jail. And Shipman also did all his own dirty work.

Did Gerry spent the 24 hours of his 69th birthday reflecting for 49 Seconds in turn on each of the 1771 victims of  HIS  Provo IRA ?

Did he reflect that they are 25.67 people murdered  for each year of his sinister  life ?

1 murdered every 2 weeks.

Gerry really made a difference.  A vast difference.

And this unrepentant gang-boss regrets nothing. 

Lets never forget that brutal and blood-soaked  record - and above all his arrogant contempt  for their very many victims,  as for the rest of us who detest such atrocities and their vicious perpetrators

Thursday, 5 October 2017

The very early childhood smell that never left Liam T. Cosgrave

Friends and relations recall that the memory of Liam T Cosgrave was incredible - even to the very end. And for stories from his childhood.

One was that  of the smell of burning timber from age 3  - when an Anti-Treaty IRA gang burnt their home.  Like Arlene Foster seeing her RUC father Con John Kelly crawl into the kitchen of their small farmhouse in Dernawilt on the Fermanagh Border, with blood streaming from his head after the Provo attempt to murder him [ typically when off-duty ].

Those memories forged a Steel which never left either of them. They could never forget such horrors or also the ideology and gang behind those horrors.

Remembering and telling those truths - about the grim and never-changing reality of terror - makes us free. And determined to resist them.  Not wishful thinking or evasion or silence.

Liam Cosgrave

Bertie on RTE Radio 1 re Liam Cosgrave  -

* I always admired him as he was tough on Law and Order*.

But fine words that Leo could never bear to utter.

Monday, 2 October 2017

On the right if coming from Kassiopi. Very well worth seeing - on the Sidari end of town. The Folklore Museum of Acharavi

The Folklore Museum of Acharavi

Spanish brutality

To protest the savage and unprovoked brutality by the forces of Rajoy's Madrid regime against peaceful Catalan voters on Sunday, with at least 844 inured, contact  the Spanish Embassy  in Dublin

01-2691640 [ get on to the  Ambassador's Office ]


The Rajoy regime in Madrid has now reverted  to the kind of repression and brutality seen in Spain under the Franco Fascist tyranny to 1975 - the Fascist rebels who were  armed  with Nazi weapons and whose Nazi supporters devastated Guernica with their bombing.

Rajoy and his ilk do not belong in a democratic Europe - but his moral character is also exposed in his strong support for the public and slow torture to death of Bulls  - a primitive cruelty rightly outlawed by the  Catalans but nowhere else in Rajoy's Spain. 

Catalan Referendum: Brutal attack police protesters LIVE

Catalonia referendum: 'Spanish authorities are the criminals'

Catalonia referendum: 'Spanish authorities are the criminals'

Catalonia National Anthem (english subtitles)