Tuesday, 30 March 2010


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An old American model for a Mid East problem ?

Obama seems to think that he now runs the world, or at least that he is entitled to order around small countries, 5,500 miles from Washington, DC. But before he commands the sovereign, independent, democratic, multi-ethnic and multi-faith State of Israel to obey his - is it now 10 ? - demands, before any negotiations have commenced, or even been agreed, he might first take a long look at what happens much nearer home.

There is a very long established US model which might fit the bill. Not only some US-imposed solution, but an actual off-the-shelf, ready-made, US solution, tried and tested by the US itself, and over many decades.

There are no less than 6 *US-Occupied Territories* containing a total of 5m Americans, in 6,000 square miles, who cannot vote for the US Senate, or [ except for DC ] for the US President, and whose only House of Representatives presence is 1 non-voting *Delegate* each [ called *Resident Commissioner* in the case of Puerto Rico ]. These Delegates may be allowed vote but only in committees, and then only under House Rules, and NOT based on the US Constitution, Federal Law, or the will of the US Senate or President or Courts.
Puerto Ricans have even been conscripted by the US to fight their overseas wars. Israel grants its 20% Arab minority full rights, but does not draft them for compulsory IDF National Service - except for the Druze community, who sought it.

In both Guam and US Virgin Islands, there is a Governor and 15 Senators, while DC has its Mayor and 14 City Councillors, as well as their city Police Department. Foreign Consulates may also operate in these un-incorporated US zones.

These 6 *US-Occupied Zones* are -
Estimated Population [Area=Square Miles ]
Puerto Rico 3,916,632 [ 5,320]
Washington DC 599,657 [68.3]
Guam 175,000 [ 212]
US Virgin Islands 108,612 [133.68]
Northern Marianas Islands 80,362 [ 179.01]
American Samoa 65,000 [76.8]

If that US model is still good enough for 5m Americans, why is not good enough for 4m Arab *Palestinians*, whose total areas [ 2,401 square miles ] are only 40% of the combined size of those 6 *US-Occupied Zones* ? If however Obama has some fundamental problem IN PRINCIPLE with that model, why does he not first attend to it in his own backyard, before imperiously commanding another State to avoid it ?

This US model, which does NOT incorporate those territories as constituent States of the Union, would give the Arab *Palestinians* 1 non-voting Delegate at the 120-strong the Israeli Knesset, which is what Puerto Rico has at the 435-strong House, for about as many people. On any equitable population-based distribution, Puerto Rico should have 6 House seats.

The British similarly have 3 un-incorporated territories, the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, all 3 of which have their own internal legislatures, and local police forces, and Flags, but unlike the US model, they do not even have non-voting delegates at the UK Parliament. The UK handles both Defence and Foreign Affairs for all 3, and they also enjoy the full economic benefits of their *associate* membership of [ or External Association with ] the UK.
This Manx/Channel Islands model is another model worth considering for the *Palestinian Question*.

So also might be a Jordanian-Israeli Joint Condominium for the 11 PA Districts West of the River Jordan , with an Egyptian-Israeli Condominium for the 5 Districts in Hamas-Occupied Gaza.

The US, under Obama as under previous Presidents, has no problem whatever maintaining very close relations with very many states, like Saudi Arabia, who grant no democratic rights to their own citizens. Or with Egypt which grants very restricted rights to its citizens, and where the 10% Coptic Christian minority suffers heavily, including many sectarian massacres. Both Saudi and Egypt get massive US arms supplies. Arabs under *Israeli Occupation* already enjoy far more freedom, and rights than do fellow Arabs almost anywhere else. What PRINCIPLE really guides - or explains - Obama's underlying strategy in all this ? Appeasing fanatical Islamicist rage ? Appeasing petro-fascist tyrants ? Echoing the hate-filled pulpit-rantings of Rev *God Damn America* Wright ?
And who was that Syrian-born close Chicago associate of Obama who faced very serious criminal charges ?
It most certainly cannot be any impartial commitment to Universal Human Rights.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A New Low

Obama Adm over-the-top reaction against Isarel [over home building ] contrasts with their total silence about any Arab atrocities - such as Palestinian Authority *honoring* a mass murderer, Mugrabi, whose gang slaughtered 38 Israeli in March 1978 Coastal Road massacre A New Low

Friday, 12 March 2010

Stand for Israel:

Repulsed by their torture, son of top HAMAS chief worked witb Israel to prevent terror Stand for Israel:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Elinor Burkett vs. Roger Ross Williams

The flame-haired biographer of Golda Meir, and Producer of the winning short documentary, claims her own space at the Oscars.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

IDF to release new findings defending Gaza war strike - Haaretz - Israel News

7 armed elements [5 Hamas + 2 Islamic Jihad ] killed near Gaza Mosque. And Goldstone examined only 36 incidents - from a 22 day operation, while Travers saw only 2 Mosques of over 600 !! IDF to release new findings defending Gaza war strike - Haaretz - Israel News

The Strong Horse / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com

A challenging angle on the Middle East by Lee Smith - what is the core ill afflicting the Arab world ? Blame it all on Israel ? The Strong Horse / The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Report: Hamas admits losing control in Gaza - Haaretz - Israel News

INTERNAL strife within HAMAS itself ? Or in Gaza ? Link to Dubai killing since Dubai Police allege that 2 suspects fled to IRAN ? Report: Hamas admits losing control in Gaza - Haaretz - Israel News

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


1 fierce [ MOSSAD ?? ] cock and 3 [ PLO ? Egyptian ? Jordanian ? 1 from each ? ] hens [ or 26 ?? ] slay one lone unarmed IRANIAN-bred HAMAS fox THE BRAVE CHICKENS WHO KILLED MR FOX - mirror.co.uk

Monday, 1 March 2010

George Orwell

Orwell took part in the struggle against Franco's Fascist revolt in Spain from 1936, where Franco was the advance proxy for Hitler and Mussolini. Orwell saw that we cannot determine the weapons or timing or tactics chosen by the enemy, that we must remain forever vigilant in defence of freedom, and determined to prevail, to rout and not merely contain or reduce the threat, and that the real choice is between being an armed democrat or else ending up a dead slave.

You back either the Arsonist or the Fire-Fighter, the Drugs Gang or the Drugs Squad, the Suicide-bomber or the Bomb Squad. To stay neutral is to surrender.

*We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to do violence to those who would harm us*. George Orwell [ pen-name of Eric Arthur Blair ], 1903-1950.

His thoughts on Cowardly Silence - Ralph Chaplin, 1887-1961

*Mourn not the dead that in the cold earth lie -
Dust unto dust -
The calm, sweet earth that mothers all who die
As all men must.

But rather mourn the apathetic throng -
The cowed and the meek -
Who see the world's great anguish and its wrong
And dare not speak*.

Ralph Chaplin, 1887-1961,

Chicago labor activist, particularly in IWW -Industrial Workers of the World.
That verse also sums up the lethal silence of the majority of Germans, and their clergy, in the face of the Nazi advance, a silence echoed to-day among those who ignore or deny the threat of the fanatical fringe, the TAKFIRI JIHADIS, who are the COMMON enemy of freedom and democracy for Muslims as well as for the rest of humanity.