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Tom Burke (1916 and Me- Full Interview)

Celebrated in Bulgaria,, West Limerick Church of Ireland man James D Bourchier 1850-1920. A GREAT IRISHMAN » 11 Sep 1926 » The Spectator Archive

A GREAT IRISHMAN » 11 Sep 1926 » The Spectator Archive: The Lite of J. D. Bourchier. By Lady Grogan. (Hurst and Blackett. 18s. net.) To describe or criticize adequately the life of James Bourchier would entail a full discussion of Balkan politics through thirty exciting years. This scholarly Irishman and Eton

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Abdeslam Ouaddou: Qatar 2022 -- a World Cup of shame and slavery

The Gardaí in the 1920s – A Troubled Beginning

The Gardaí in the 1920s – A Troubled Beginning: By Colm Wallace, whose new book The Fallen details Gardaí who lost their lives in the line of duty.   The Gardaí have faced several periods in their history in which the safety of individual m…

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Freedom and the Fifth Commandment, by Brian Heffernan: raising holy hell

Freedom and the Fifth Commandment, by Brian Heffernan: raising holy hell: The tricky role of priests in the War of Independence is chronicled in this important, thorough but awfully expensive work, writes Diarmaid Ferriter

Friday, 18 August 2017

Judge hands cash to mum of notorious Inchicore Dumbrell clan

Judge hands cash to mum of notorious Dumbrell clan: MEET the Dublin mammy who raised Ireland’s most-infamous criminal brothers who have spread murder, violence and chaos both inside and outside of prison.

CAA Chairman Gideon Falter​ and LBC​’s Nick Ferrari discuss Kevin Myers

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The Minority Voice

The Minority Voice: 'How do such people, with brilliant members and dull ones, fare when they pass from being a dominant minority to being a powerless one?' So asked the Kilkenny man-of-letters Hubert Butler (1900-1991) when considering the fate of Southern Protestants after Irish Independence. As both a product and critic of this culture, Butler posed the question repeatedly, refusing to accept as inevitable the marginalization of his community within the newly established state.

Standing Man Bridge of Spies

On This Point: Stoikiy muzhik

On This Point: Stoikiy muzhik: " Stoikiy muzhik" , From the movement that i have seen the movie Bridge Of Spies , A word/Dialogue/anything which is there in my ...

Modern Educayshun

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My Mother-in-Law: Jewish Heroine and Nazi Killer

My Mother-in-Law: Jewish Heroine and Nazi Killer: The thrilling, true story of Rachel Blum’s struggle to survive in a world bent on destroying her.

Mary Elmes: A Quiet Heroine

Mary Elmes: A Quiet Heroine: An unknown Irish heroine risked her life to save 200 Jewish children from the Nazis.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Kevin Myers

Kevin Myers

Fair hearing - or absolute tyranny ?

No worker, in any land or sector, should ever be instantly fired with NO prior hearing.  That is a fundamental principle and an issue of strict Natural Justice and Due Process, and it is also recognized by Irish Courts as a binding duty on ANY employer  [ including Govt ] under the  rights inherent in the  Irish Constitution. Yet the London Editor of the Sunday Times Martin Ivers has now done so - last Sunday  - with a columnist for their Irish edition, Kevin Myers. The instant dismissal was  even broadcast on British Media before Myers was even told.

A few lines in this one column [ now  recognized by Myers himself  as ill-judged ]   were referenced by London - both the founding Chair of the Irish Holocaust Memorial Cte [ Ollie Donohoe - a former Radio Producer and then a  trade union official ] and the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland have declared that in their judgement and experience, Myers is certainly no Anti-Semite. Indeed I and anybody in Ireland knows well how consistent and forceful he has always been in defending the Jewish People, as well as the right of the UN-mandated State of Israel to exist, and to  do so in peace and security - like any other State.

I now have 2 choices. Either  -
{A} continue to buy this paper as I have done every Sunday all my adult life,  and so now  collude with this London Editor in this grave wrong, or else
{B} no longer buy it and thereby refuse to collaborate in this fundamental  violation of this universal  and fundamental right of  ANY worker.

I know where I stand, and where I have always stood.

Arbitrary power belongs to Absolute Monarchs - not to Employers in 2017.
 And certainly  not to London Employers over Irish workers.

This is a  war  - launched by the London Editor and no Irish person should surrender. This defensive and necessary struggle has nothing to do with Myers himself.  I will miss this paper but not as much as I would miss the right to a fair hearing for ANY worker prior to dismissal.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Irish Jewish leader defends ‘well-respected’ Times columnist in anti-Semitism row

Irish Jewish leader defends ‘well-respected’ Times columnist in anti-Semitism row: Chair of the Jewish Representative Council claims ‘idiosyncratic’ writer Kevin Myers ‘inadvertently stumbled into an anti-Semitic trope’

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Is Kevin Myers really an anti-Semite?

Is Kevin Myers really an anti-Semite?: On Sunday Kevin Myers was pilloried for an article he wrote in the Irish Sunday Times and the tirade......