Thursday, 27 December 2007

Triumphant in 1988

Triumphant in 1988, originally uploaded by Daudpota.

First of her 2 terms as PM - even one term is still a rare feat for a woman in any land, but especially rare in any Muslim one.

And whoever rules Pakistan controls nuclear weapons.

Benazir Bhutto at Oxford University

Benazir Bhutto at Oxford, originally uploaded by tovarish_udn.

1976 1st Muslim woman to become President of the Oxford Union - the internationally-famous university debating forum.

Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto, originally uploaded by Doc Kazi.

Elegant, striking, and commanding.
A model for Muslim women, and also for all other women.

Benazir Bhutto

Bhutto, originally uploaded by zahidpix.

Strong, confident, and beautiful.

And only her body could be destroyed, not her spirit, or her memory, or her impact.

Benazir Bhutto, freedom fighter.

benazir bhutto, originally uploaded by poetrazi1.

She knew she was a target, but did not let that stop her, or even influence her.
The first target for the vicious Jihadis is not US, or Israel, or UK, but lovers of freedom and democrarcy in their own lands.
And Benazir and those, women and men, who bravely will follow in her path, are the front-line defenders of freedom for all of us.

14 days before her murder

b13, originally uploaded by jahangirpix.

Easy to slaughter, as was Gandhi, but her legacy, inspiration, courage and example are not.

True Martyr

A7, originally uploaded by jahangirpix.

32 days later, this mother of three, married 20 years, was murdered.

Benazir Bhutto June 21, 1953-Dec 27, 2007, first woman to lead a Muslim

benazir bhutto portrait, originally uploaded by agha_khanium.

The latest victim to be murdered by Islamo-fascist Jihadis. And being a woman as well as leading a democratic political party, and unconditionally opposed to terror, this brave leader was their ideal target.

Two brothers were murdered, and her father, also a PM, was hanged. She was 12th and 16th Prime Minister of Pakistan.

As with Egypt's President Sadat murdered in 1981, or Jordan's King Abdullah in 1951, or PMs in Lebanon or Egypt, Muslim fanatics continue to be a grave threat to their own peoples, as well as to their neighbors. The savage Jihadis are the common enemy of all democrats, and the reaction to Benazir's murder will show who is really determined to confront, and eliminate, such conspirators, and their ideology. There is no room for neutrality, much less ambiguity, in this struggle for human decency and freedom, which unites people of all faiths or lands.

Friday, 7 December 2007