Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Top Ten Military Bagpipe Marching Tunes

Clerical Whispers: Biography on Frank Duff misses point

Clerical Whispers: Biography on Frank Duff misses point: Finola Kennedy's new biography of Frank Duff has made some waves. Judging by her joint essay with Diarmaid Ferriter on Duff in the ...

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Longboat Quay Media SILENCE

WHY have NO Media yet mentioned who is a very close pal of LONGBOAT QUAY developer Bernard McNamara  - and who also bailed him out ?

It is none other than -

 the *Marquis of Malta*

and *Squire of SLIEMA*,

 D*nny LOWRY-O'Br**n  himself.

Are Irish Media now totally cowed when it comes to anything to do with  D*nny ?

Outrageous - it will cost at least 4 M - DDDA and Receiver to provide €2.75m towards Longboat Quay work

DDDA and Receiver to provide €2.75m towards Longboat Quay work

Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Refugee mass exodus - Causes or Symptoms ?

Do we let all Kurds into the EU ?

Along with all other Refugees in flight from Jihadist terror ?

Now and in future ?

OR do we instead decide that NO KURD should ever have to flee THEIR OWN Homeland  to escape from the savage ISIL gangs ?

And no Yazidi or Christian Arab either.

We  end Famine by teaching its  victims to fish, and not by endlessly giving them our own fish.

We end the utter horror of Kurdish infants drowning on a beach or in the Med Sea, by Training and Arming the disciplined Kurdish Forces in North Iraq, and providing robust Air Support, including Drones, and not by letting ISIL driven them from their  own Homeland and into Europe.

The same urgent need applies with the other war-zones where various Jihadist gangs   - but all united by the same fanatical ideology - are being let make life impossible for masses of people - leading to a mass exodus - the COMMON enemy to be routed, not merely contained, includes -

[a] Taliban and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan,

[b] Al-Shabab in Somalia,

[c]  Boko Haram in North Nigeria, as well as

[d] ISIL and Al-Qaida in Syria.

And until  this Jihadist scourge is eradicated, then the refugees from it deserve both -

[a] Emergency Accommodation in Temporary Camps - either elsewhere within their own lands or in nearby lands.

[b]  Food,

[c]  Clothing and

[d] Heath Care.

That will cost the EU serious cash -  as will training and arming Kurdish and other Forces -  to smash ISIL and similar Jihadist gangs.

And Arab Forces on the ground to smash ISIL   - certainly in Syria and maybe in North Iraq, are essential - a very wide-ranging Arab Coalition was assembled to evict Saddam's invaders from Kuwait -it can be done again. It needs to be.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Adams RAFIA now have power - in their 32-parish *Provo Mini-Republics*, but with a SILENCED 9mm GLOCK Pistol in the one hand, and a Ballot-Box in the other.

What are ADAMs Provo IRA still for ?

They stopped Maiming and Murdering Police and troops.

Is it now ONLY for M-3 = Memorials + Memoirs + Memorabilia ?

OR M-7 = ALSO for -

Maiming [ they continued *punishment shootings*  - who shot McGuigan before he was finally murdered ? ]

Murder - at least 45 POST-Ceasefire murders, identified by veteran Journalist Jim Cusack

Menaces  -intimidating their own tribal territories, and

MONEY - their € 200 m Global Property Empire  [ Garda estimate ] + cash + front firms [  how many pubs ? ], both North and South.

Not a 32-County Republic but their very own Un-Touchable 32-parish Provo Mini-Republics  -from Short Strand to Ballybinaby, from Ballymurphy to Bogside.

And they seized  - and retain - power in those 32 Zones, their 32-parish Provo Mini-Republics,  - not exactly as PIRA-SF top  PR Guru, Danny Morrison said in 1981 at the Provo *Sinn Fein* Ard Fheis conference in Dublin - *with a Ballot-Box in the one hand, and an Armalite in the other*, but now with their SILENCED 9mm GLOCK Pistols in the other [ bought POST-Ceasefire in 1999 by the Provo IRA *FLORIDA FOUR*, led by West Belfast Provo CONOR CLAXTON, reporting to Sean SPIKE MURRAY in Belfast ].

But the Adams RAFIA, unlike the original Mafia in Sicily, are guaranteed Cabinet Seats in Stormont  - La Cosa Nostra still have to bribe and/or intimidate their bent politicians. The Irish RAFIA get their very own  into power. No Proxy Provos, but The Real Thing. As Adams said in 1995 at a  Belfast street rally, and telling the truth - for once -  THEY have never gone away.

Stephen Collins: McGuigan East Belfast murder raises questions about 1916 Rising commemorations

Stephen Collins: McGuigan killing raises questions about Rising commemorations

Ex-Irish Justice Minister Michael McDowell: Tota Disbanding by Provisional IRA was worse option

Michael McDowell: Abolition of Provisional IRA was never on the cards

Provo IRA was allowed by BOTH UK & Irish Govts, to continue as ‘inert, unarmed husk’, McDowell claims

IRA was allowed continue as ‘unarmed husk’, McDowell claims

RAFIA =€ 200 M Global Property Empire+cash+firms. Guns follow cash. Provisional IRA may have left stage, but not theatre

Provisional IRA may have left stage, but not theatre

Thursday, 20 August 2015

They havent gone away, we know.

In 2015 as in  1970, and every year in-between, Provo IRA only kill ON ORDERS.

Nothing is more certain on the Island of Ireland  - except their lies.

Sinister RTE TV News cover-up

Is the Irish national, state-owned *Public Service* broadcaster, RTE now a wholly-owned tool of the Provos ?

Tonight their  flagship 9 PM News  [ presented by Eileen Dunne ] had not one word about the dramatic breaking news from Belfast - covered over 2 hours earlier by BBC 1 NI TV 6.30 PM Newsline - that Police in Belfast say that Provo IRA CURRENT MEMBERS were involved in the recent murder in Short Strand of Kevin McGuigan.

Sky News is now [ 11 PM ] leading on the possible collapse of the Stormont Executive as a diret result of Provo IRA involvement in this murder.

RTE News  could however find loads of time to cover some new musical on 1916.

This is not sloppy. Or lack of resources. Or poor judgment

This is simply sinister.

And not for the first time has the RTE News  been tools of the Provos.

They clearly can no longer be trusted. The mask has really slipped.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Corbyn values ?

But Jeremy CORBYN is so so *sincere*.

And so so *straight-talking*.

And so so *principled*.

And so so *consistent* and *unwavering*.

Really ?

This Comrade, like both Comrade George Galloway and Comrade Ken Livingstone, choose to present  a show on the  Iran state propaganda channel, Press TV   - while Iran still hangs Gays from cranes.

Enough said.

Any tyrant or terrorist will do - if only they are sufficiently *radical* and/or *anti-imperialist* and/or *anti-capitalist*.
The  only *war-criminal* is Tomy Blair   - but never Assad or Kim or Saddam or Awlaki or Bin Ladin.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

BBC lies by false sanitized description.

The BBC Director-General Hall insist that his BBC must always refer to those inhuman Jihadi  savages by their own chosen title of *Islamic State*.

Otherwise his BBC would be *taking sides*.

And they are *militants*  [ just like train-drivers who suddenly walk off the job in some unofficial dispute ]  - but never as  *terrorists*.

And they are all just *non-state-actors*.

So why does he not also order his BBC to replace *The Holocaust* by *The Final Solution* ?

And since Pedophiles never admit any guilt, and are so so demonized by being always described as such, why not again refuse to *take sides* and call them by their own chosen titles - maybe as *Chronologically-flexible lovers* ?

And Rapists are so so demonized by being always termed as such  - so why not now   [ *non-judgmentally* ]  re-describe their vile crime as simply *Involuntary Sexual Activity* ?

Exact same *logic* in each case.

And yet more proof of how poisoned the BBC now is  -  and from the very top.
 But also how totally selective and inconsistent.

Has Hall never grasped the simple and basic distinction between -

[a] being Neutral, never taking any side,  and

[b] being Impartial  - what Courts do  - making reasonable judgments based only on (i) public, objective principles plus (ii) verified evidence  ?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Modest Proposal .. Je Suis ...

If, Dolezal-like,  I now *self-identify* as [ eg ]  a Mega-Donor to [ eg ] Very Pliable Govt Ministers, can I then get both [a] around 6,800 MILLIONS, and/or [b] a virtual Media MONOPOLY ?

Along with a totally-covert and permanent Political Guarantee of ZERO State Regulation ?

But which 3rd  [ or rather 4th  ] World  KLEPTO-CRACY could ever fulfil such a fantasy for ANY Oligarch   ?

A brand-new TRANS-

Re Rachel Dolezal, I hereby claim WORLD COPYRIGHT, as well as life-long and above all mega-royalties

for my freshly-minted Neo-Logism of   ....


Or is it just more  senseless ...


Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cruel and cowardly savages - but from a cruel and savage *culture*. The inhuman killing of stray dogs in Shiraz (Iran) with Acid Injection

Burqa - symbol of evil. EXCLUSIVE Syrian women celebrate escaping ISIS by tearing off their robes


What did the distinguished and independent Judge Michael  Moriarty conclude in his Tribunal Report  - whose work was completed on March 22, 2011 ?

That -

[a] FG Comms Minister  [ and ALSO top FG Party fundraiser ] Michael  LOWRY -  *imparted substantial information to Mr. O'Brien of  significant value and assistance to him in securing the [ ESAT Mobile Phone ] License*; [ that is the foundation of his vast wealth  -$ 6.8 BILLION ?? ]

[b] that as regards LOWRY and O'BRIEN, there was *an irregular and improper relationship between business and politics*, and

[c] that neither saw *fit to respond to the Tribunal's inquiries openly and honestly*.


But what has Lowry's very close and old pal, Enda Kenny, done about all that ?

Exactly what Lab Leader Eamon Gilmore did in Cabinet.

And what current Lab Leader  Joan Burton is now doing in Cabinet.

And what her Lab colleague Pat Rabbitte, also a  former Lab Leader, did about O'Brien's Media MONOPOLY while Comms Minister.

And what his recent successor as Comms Minister, Lab's Alex White, has done about it.


Absolutely Nothing.

COLLUSION  - which stinks - as much as what Judge Moriarty found about LOWRY and O'BRIEN.

The next  [ Nov  2015 ?  ] General Election will enable all voters to pass judgement on that double COLLUSION.

Collusion in ignoring BOTH [a] what the Tribunal found, and  [b]  O'Brien's Media MONOPOLY.

Noel Whelan - Hard to see how ‘verbal assaults’ by James Morrissey on Ind TD Catherine Murphy were in Denis O’Brien’s interests

Hard to see how ‘verbal assaults’ on Murphy were in O’Brien’s interests

Judge Michael Moriarty says FG Comms Minister [ AND top FG Party fundraiser ] Lowry HELPED [ FG Party funder ] Denis O'Brien win Mobile Licence

Moriarty says Lowry helped O'Brien win mobile licence

Diarmaid Ferriter: Why O’Brien should reach for the capital R in Republican

Diarmaid Ferriter: Why O’Brien should reach for the capital R in Republican

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Moriarty Tribunal *ADVERSE FINDINGS* against LOWRY+O'BRIEN

Will this Govt finally need another Commission to search for the lost *ADVERSE FINDINGS* of the MORIARTY Tribunal against their old FG Cabinet colleague, Michael LOWRY and Denis LOWRY-O'BRIEN ?

And maybe, some day, even take some action about those devastating but conveniently buried *ADVERSE FINDINGS* ?

And who knows, they might even decide to act on the massive MEDIA MONOPOLY now enjoyed by Denis LOWRY-O'BRIEN ?

And above all, make any law RETROSPECTIVE.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Not even [ or maybe especially ] by mega-tycoon + mega-bully Denis LOWRY-O'Brien. Our parliament cannot be silenced

Our parliament cannot be silenced

2 Sharp Questions

The amazing revelations in the Dail by the Ind North Kildare TD, Catherine Murphy about Denis LOWRY-O'Brien, and his extraordinary  dealings with Anglo-Irish Bank, raise 2 sharp questions -

[a] did O'Brien  also influence the Sept 29,2008 BANK GUARANTEE, and

[b] if so, WHO was his agent/messenger on that fateful night  ?

And what might ... Cowen's old close pal, and ex-Angl non-executive Director, FINTAN DRURY,  ....  think about all that ?

More on Denis LOWRY-O'Brien. Timeline: the Siteserv controversy

Timeline: the Siteserv controversy

Wednesday, 6 May 2015