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Berlin: Traces of the Former Wall | Discover Germany

The life and times of Carlton Kirby

The life and times of Carlton Kirby: Carlton Kirby is one of the most familiar voices in cycling. Ahead of this year’s Tour de France, the Eurosport commentator tells Fiona Adams how his career took him from Sheffield to Teddington via Norwich and the South Seas

Friday, 5 July 2019

The Battle of Waterloo and the Irish |

The Battle of Waterloo and the Irish | For almost a millennium the Irish have contributed men and military expertise to the English and British Crown. The 18th June marks over two hundred years since probably the most significant battle in the history of the western world took place - The Battle of Waterloo.

'Inglorious Bastard,' Frederick Mayer, has died

'Inglorious Bastard,' Frederick Mayer, has died: Frederick Mayer was 94.

World: Eastern Germany in Decline -

Ann Widdecombe compares EU to slave owners

This demented old bat  -  who also wants to bring back HANGING - has the brass neck to talk about COLONIES  -