Saturday, 30 October 2010

Minister spoke at event with terrorist accessories on sale

*New UK Minister re-assures very concerned Islamicist Revoutionaries that UK Post Office privatization will never interfere with rapid delivery of parcel-bombs from Yemen* ?? Minister spoke at event with terrorist accessories on sale

Alice Dancing Under the Gallows - Official Trailer

Aged 106, Alice, living in North London, UK, the world's oldest Shoah survivor

The Institute for Jewish and Community Research

See their *The UnCivil University : Intolerance on college campuses* - a sinister trend not confined to USA and in which some faculty are complicit The Institute for Jewish and Community Research

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The first Jewish legislator in Ireland, London-born Ellen Odette Bischoffsheim, 1857-1933 was an Irish Senator for 11 years, nominated by President W.T. Cosgrave for 4 successive terms, from 1922 to 1933, and 1 of only 4 women in the newly independent Ireland's Senate of 60 members in 1922. She married in 1881, was widowed aged 41 in 1898 and lived at *Aut Even*, Talbot's Inch, on the northern outskirts of my native Kilkenny City, in SE Ireland, from 1912 until her death in 1933, where my late maternal grandfather, Michael Davin, was her Estate Manager. She generously aided a very large range of developments, cultural, sporting, economic, around Kilkenny City, where the City Council honored her in 1910 with the *Freedom of the City* - she claimed to be the only woman in Ireland, and also the only Jewess in the world - till then - to be made an honorary citizen. For 5 years to 1927, when Bob Briscoe, a future Dublin Mayor, was elected a TD [= MP], Ellen was the only Jewish legislator in Ireland. Her active and generous life was a memorable testimony to the Tanakh command of Isaiah to be a *light to the Goyim*. She actively supported the revival of the Gaelic language in Ireland, and saw it as a parallel to the revival of Hebrew. She was buried, following Jewish rites, in Falmouth Cemetry, on the south coast of England, where her late husband had been buried when he died suddenly aged 53. Ellen was childless but to my late mother, Sarah, the youngest of her own family, who lived beside her until Ellen died when my mother was 21, Ellen became her second mother, who never forgot that Jewish mantra of Education, Education, Education. Ellen happily lived to see her graduate and begin a life-long career as a teacher. On Sept 12, 1930, aged 73, Ellen wrote to the *Jewish Guardian*, emphatically resenting *the unwarrantable assumption in your issue of Sept 5, that I have *deserted the faith* of my fathers. Will you please contradict that unfounded statement in your next issue ? I am, as I have been all my life, a staunch and practising Jewess,far too proud of my faith and race not to feel extremely indignant at the slur you have tried to cast on me*. My mother and her whole family recalled that Ellen indeed was always an observant and committed Jewess, and also a model of the inspiring and ongoing tradition of Jewish philanthropy, and of *Tikkun Olam*.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Another Islamist Rally for Hate in D.C.

There is no Civil Right to foment uncivil hate - even for a Muslim Professor Another Islamist Rally for Hate in D.C.

College Professor Calls for Israel's Destruction

A tenured US-based Muslim thug who incites others who then perpetrate the atrocities College Professor Calls for Israel's Destruction

EJ Kimbal Part 2

E.J. Kimball, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

The Arab Muslim Brotherhood Project. The Project

Dec 1, 1982 - the Muslim Brotherhood 12 point plan for global domination

2010 Al-Quds Day Rally Washington DC (Kaukab Siddiq) 9/12

Hate-spewing US-based PROFESSOR Kaukab Siddique - *palestine* part of Muslim Ummah - Isarel must be destroyed

JPostTV on New Israel YouTube Channel 14Oct10

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

BBC The Case for God (2/2)

Regarding Evil, Judaism says: We will not Accept. We will not be Consoled. We will Fight - for a world in which there is less evil and less suffering* - UK Chief Rabbi Sacks [ at end of video, with Prof Lisa Jardine, daughter of Jacob Bronowski, a Polish Jew who lost many family in the Shoah.

BBC The Case for God (1/2)

*Faith is not certainty. Faith is living with un-certainty. Judaism is a refusal to give way to despair* - UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, interviewed by Hoard Jacobson

'Engage' says no to boycotting Israel (Howard Jacobson)

Howard Jacobson's father said he hit British Fascist chief Oswald Moseley more than anyone else

Man Booker Prize: The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

UK Booker Prize winner - Comedy and Tragedy in one sentence- A sparkling and also sharp book which every *ashamed Jew* need to read but probably will not -

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The solidarity of the Irish with the Palestinian. Is it genuine?

The truth about Gaza

A - a very dangerous place - due to the number and speed of all those cars

The truth about Gaza flottila palestinians

Toireasa Ferris refuses to condemn murder

Pro-IRA Irish Councillor now pro-HAMAS and ready to sail to GAZA


BBC TV in UK Sunday Oct 10, 2010 with Susanna Reid - Should we blame ourselves for Islamicist terror ? That silly question reveals much that is rotten in UK today, but at least an *anti-zionist* [ a Terry Christian, in open-necked check shirt ] does ask: When did any zionist throw acid in a school-girl's face ? The Imam Ajmal Marsoor on it seems at the very least to be extremely naive

Viva Palestina 5 in Lattakia [Press TV]

Iranian *Press TV*, the voice of Ahmadinejad who aims to wipe Israel off the earth, interviews the Irish IRA gun-runner's daughter Councillor FERRIS, about to sail from Syria to Gaza. She sits on Kerry County Council in SW Ireland, but refused on TV to condemn the murder in neighboring County Limerick of Detective Jerry McCabe - done by her father's very close comrades in the IRA's Munster gang - will she also excuse the Hamas murder of an Egyptian police officer at Rafah when *Viva Palestina* [ led by Saddam admirer, PRESS TV presenter, former UK MP George Galloway ] rioted there ? She of all people, also ought to know WHY it is vital to inspect ships which may carry arms to terrorists - she can ask her own father - jailed in Ireland for 10 years for that crime. She might also ask him if he knows WHY young Bostonian John McIntyre was murdered AFTER the IRA arms shipment was intercepted at sea off SW Ireland, by the Irish Naval Service, and give him the book on it *Valhalla* by John Loftus

Monday, 11 October 2010

Murder on Main Street (Part 5 of 6)

Ann McCabe, inspiring widow of murdered Irish Detective Jerry McCabe, slain by the IRA in County Limerick, confronts IRA chief, Gerry Adams in NYC - he dodges her straight questions

Murder on Main Street (Part 4 of 6)

An elected Councillor in County Kerry, SW Ireland, for the IRA's PR/political arm, *Sinn Fein*, FERRIS refused to condemn murder of Irish police officer - her father was a convicted IRA gun-runner. She is now to sail from SYRIA to Gaza, to support other terrorists, Hamas

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ofra Haza - Kaddish

For all the war victims, Kaddish

Ofra Haza - Shir ha-shirim be-sha'ashu'im

A Military Strike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities Is Only A Tick Away

This TV report is now just 3 years old - how much time is now left to halt the Iranian nuclear threat ?

Israel stations nuclear missile subs off Iran

1500 km range of IDF [ nuclear-armed ? ] missiles on subs off Iran

Obama's under water fantasy and the media celebrate ten years of Jihad

More LATMA TV satire from Israel -

The Significance of Tom Donilon's Rise to Power | The National Interest Blog

Prediction on Donilon = Little *Human Rights* [ or Iraq of Af=Pak ] but Pacific focus and new Triple Alliance [ Kremlin + DC + Pekin ] The Significance of Tom Donilon's Rise to Power | The National Interest Blog

Commentary: The Settling Freeze | The National Interest

Prof Benny Morris on the trap that Bibi fell into Commentary: The Settling Freeze | The National Interest