Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Refugee mass exodus - Causes or Symptoms ?

Do we let all Kurds into the EU ?

Along with all other Refugees in flight from Jihadist terror ?

Now and in future ?

OR do we instead decide that NO KURD should ever have to flee THEIR OWN Homeland  to escape from the savage ISIL gangs ?

And no Yazidi or Christian Arab either.

We  end Famine by teaching its  victims to fish, and not by endlessly giving them our own fish.

We end the utter horror of Kurdish infants drowning on a beach or in the Med Sea, by Training and Arming the disciplined Kurdish Forces in North Iraq, and providing robust Air Support, including Drones, and not by letting ISIL driven them from their  own Homeland and into Europe.

The same urgent need applies with the other war-zones where various Jihadist gangs   - but all united by the same fanatical ideology - are being let make life impossible for masses of people - leading to a mass exodus - the COMMON enemy to be routed, not merely contained, includes -

[a] Taliban and Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan,

[b] Al-Shabab in Somalia,

[c]  Boko Haram in North Nigeria, as well as

[d] ISIL and Al-Qaida in Syria.

And until  this Jihadist scourge is eradicated, then the refugees from it deserve both -

[a] Emergency Accommodation in Temporary Camps - either elsewhere within their own lands or in nearby lands.

[b]  Food,

[c]  Clothing and

[d] Heath Care.

That will cost the EU serious cash -  as will training and arming Kurdish and other Forces -  to smash ISIL and similar Jihadist gangs.

And Arab Forces on the ground to smash ISIL   - certainly in Syria and maybe in North Iraq, are essential - a very wide-ranging Arab Coalition was assembled to evict Saddam's invaders from Kuwait -it can be done again. It needs to be.