Friday, 28 November 2008

COPS DIE FIGHTING TERROR Vijay Salaskar(L) Ashok Kamte(R) nd Hemant Karkare(C).

3 of the 14 brave Indian police murdered by fanatical Jihadi gangsters in Mumbai on Wednesday, 11-26-08.

Along with over 150 other victims, including 5 Jewish people singled out in the Chabad Lubavitch Center and Synagogue, in South Mumbai - which shows the consistent anti-semitic ideology of such JIhadi gangs.

The infant son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, was saved.

We can see which Muslims really stand for humanity and freedom by their reaction to this atrocity.
Those who confront Jihadi ideology and atrocities, where-ever they occur, are true allies of the rest of humanity.
Those who deny that any Muslims commit atrocities, or that Muslims have any responsibility to repudiate and resist such gangs in their midst, even tho' such Jihadis claim to act in the name of Islam, are also our common enemy.
It is that simple.
The first victims of Jihadi gangs are often fellow Muslims, as in the Casablance and Bali bombings, the Amman Hotel massacre, the murders of President Anwar Sadat and Benazir Bhutto.
We have a COMMON enemy and all those who choose to deny that reality thereby make themselves allies of the Jihadis, and also enemies.
The Jihadi Sharks always need a tolerant Sea in which to prey on their innocent victims.
The time for denial or ambiguity or excuses is over.

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Anonymous said...

You will live forever in our hearts.
We all love you.
Long live people like you and long live Hindustan.
Jai Hind.