Saturday, 3 April 2021

The simple test for Provo IRA & Sinn Fein

 Can I really trust Provo IRA &  their Sinn Fein front, 100 %  ?

Not least as Government Ministers  ?

Definitely - but ONLY  when they have done [ and in every 1 of their zones,  from Ballymurphy to Crossmaglen, and from the Bogside to Cookstown ],  what you now see in Berlin  - erect both -

[a]  a massive public  memorial in Belfast to all their innocent victims, both those they maimed and those they murdered.

AND  also 

[b] a plaque naming each of their victims, placed on the street/road where that atrocity was carried out.

In REPENTANT, democratic Post-Holocaust free Berlin in 2021, you see exactly that -  a massive Holocaust Memorial in the heart of  the city, near the Brandenburg Gate, and also brass plaques on footatsh naming each Jew from that street who was murdered by the Nazis.

That  is why in 2021 I can certainly trust almost all Germans  -  but no  Provos 

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