Monday, 2 September 2013

3 fools [1 an ex-Cabinet Minister O'Cuiv ] and 1 convicted Provo IRA gun-runner [ Ferris ]

Why have 4 Irish TDs [ = MPs ] nothing better to do than fly to Lithuania for an appeal by a convicted *dissident IRA* gun smuggler, Michel Campbell ? A thug jailed for 12 years for his very serious crime.

Would they do so if he was a convicted Heroin smuggler ?
Or are guns for mass murderers less repulsive ?

Not 1 of this 4 represent Louth, the Border Constituency from which  Campbell comes.

Was  O'Cuiv, 63, a former Cabinet Minister, sent by his Fianna Fail Party ?
Was he there with their consent ?
Did they even know of his trip ?
What does his Party Leader think ?

The convicted Provo IRA gun-runner was Martin Ferris - his presence is also very odd since his colleague, Martin McGuinness  [a former PIRA chief  ] called the *dissidents*, after their murder of a policeman in Ulster, *traitors*.

The other 2 were independents, women, Dublin-based  and *left*  [Clare Daly and Maureen O'Sullivan ]

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