Saturday, 1 May 2010

Semi-masked and semi-headscarfed but un-bowed.

masked and headscarf, originally uploaded by lydia carter.

And in [ only temporarily ] Hamas-occupied GAZA, or in [ equally only temporarily ] Hizb-ALLAH-occupied South Lebanon [ and South-Central Beirut ], the Iranian-Saudi-style Gestapo would say ??
There is also a life-celebrating response , which could be verbalized in Arabic, as Mash Allah, or what in USA might be PTL = Praise the Lord, or in Gaelic-speaking Hebrides and Highlands areas in Scotland, or Ireland, might be *Moladh go deo le Dia*.
What adds massively to this photo is the apparent context - of a vibrant young woman, not only beautiful but assertive and unafraid, rejecting the regime-rigged Iranian *elections*, plus her proud and defiant re-claiming of green as no longer the sole and exclusive property of the obscurantist tyrants who still mis-rule her ancient and fascinating land. The Kremlin tyrants eventually collapsed, and so will their Tehran counterparts, but the spirit manifested in this photo will never disappear, or be defeated.

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