Saturday, 5 August 2017

Fair hearing - or absolute tyranny ?

No worker, in any land or sector, should ever be instantly fired with NO prior hearing.  That is a fundamental principle and an issue of strict Natural Justice and Due Process, and it is also recognized by Irish Courts as a binding duty on ANY employer  [ including Govt ] under the  rights inherent in the  Irish Constitution. Yet the London Editor of the Sunday Times Martin Ivers has now done so - last Sunday  - with a columnist for their Irish edition, Kevin Myers. The instant dismissal was  even broadcast on British Media before Myers was even told.

A few lines in this one column [ now  recognized by Myers himself  as ill-judged ]   were referenced by London - both the founding Chair of the Irish Holocaust Memorial Cte [ Ollie Donohoe - a former Radio Producer and then a  trade union official ] and the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland have declared that in their judgement and experience, Myers is certainly no Anti-Semite. Indeed I and anybody in Ireland knows well how consistent and forceful he has always been in defending the Jewish People, as well as the right of the UN-mandated State of Israel to exist, and to  do so in peace and security - like any other State.

I now have 2 choices. Either  -
{A} continue to buy this paper as I have done every Sunday all my adult life,  and so now  collude with this London Editor in this grave wrong, or else
{B} no longer buy it and thereby refuse to collaborate in this fundamental  violation of this universal  and fundamental right of  ANY worker.

I know where I stand, and where I have always stood.

Arbitrary power belongs to Absolute Monarchs - not to Employers in 2017.
 And certainly  not to London Employers over Irish workers.

This is a  war  - launched by the London Editor and no Irish person should surrender. This defensive and necessary struggle has nothing to do with Myers himself.  I will miss this paper but not as much as I would miss the right to a fair hearing for ANY worker prior to dismissal.

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