Thursday, 23 October 2014

Who led IRA when the IRA in Belfast subjected Mairia Cahill, then 18 and raped at 16, to forced and prolonged interrogation and intimidation ?

All informed writers and journalists list the same man as IRA *Chief of Staff* in 1999-2000 which is when  the IRA in Belfast  subjected Mairia Cahill to prolonged, forced interrogation - after she had been raped at 16,  by a senior IRA thug then 33, Marty MORRIS of Upper Springfield Road, West Belfast. Her sexual abuse by Morris  continued for about a year.

The IRA *Chief of Staff*  was [ and remains ] unmarried and  in 1999 was aged 50 and lived [and still lives ] on his cross-border farm  in BALLYBINABY, South County Armagh.

Customs on both sides of the Border regard his farm as a major  - and extremely lucrative - smuggling site - and for very  many years.

A Jury in the Irish High Court in Dublin in 1998 threw out his case for Libel against the Sunday Times which had reported his IRA role

His name is - Tom   [ *SLAB*  ] MURPHY.  He is now 65.

His reputation is notorious.

And nobody in the IRA dares act against Orders.