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The Shame of Portugal » 13 Apr 1962 » The Spectator Archive

The Shame of Portugal » 13 Apr 1962 » The Spectator Archive: By NEVILLE VINCENT pORTUGAL, member of NATO and the Atlantic Alliance and part of the 'free world,' is probably one of the most imisunder- stood nations in Europe. J-ohn Gunther's Inside Europe Today, after pointing out that free thought is suppressed, opposition stifled, and the. press rigidly controlled, speaks of an 'omni- present if slightly comical secret police.' Nothing could be farther fro

Russia: Veselnitskaya ready to clarify Trump Jr meeting to US Senate

Eichmann [ rightly captured & hanged by Israel ] and Dr Josef Mengele [ sadly never captured ] were only 2 of 9,000 fugitive genocidal WW 2 war-criminals. Nazi Havens in South America

Nazi Havens in South America: Secret files reveal 9,000 Nazi war criminals fled to South America after WWII.