Thursday, 17 November 2016

Does The Face give the game away ?

I never met Bannon. I am also no Medic, much less a Dermatologist or Clinical Psychologist or expert in the Co-Morbidity of [a] a Face in Bannon's condition PLUS [b] a life-long Lifestyle of  ......  Non-Moderate Imbibing -  linked to Chronic Hyper-Aggressiveness.

BUT - as far as I can now recall -  I never once saw even one Sexagenarian, Caucasian Male with a face like Bannon's [ in every photo ] who did NOT ALSO manifest [b] above.

I await insight from those who can combine knowledge of the FULL story about Bannon with professional qualifications.

I an only asking.
And wondering.
A lot.
And more and more every day.

But when Bannon is now  Trump's POLICY and STRATEGY Guru, and equal in rank and access to Trump's Chief of Staff, then the  FULL TRUTH about Bannon is a matter of grave public - and indeed  urgent global - concern.

Even if we never get the Full Inside Story from any of his 3 EX-wives.

 Including the one who filed Criminal Charges against him of Assault.

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